Roof Maintenance, Roof Repair in New York

It is not easy to find a right person or construction firm to re-roof a home that is in trouble. Since roofing can cause a major expense, one needs to make sure one picks up the right roofing contractor. But it is not easy to identify and rope in a reliable and experienced roofing contractor. Especially, in the case of a first-time client, the job appears to be as tough as an uphill task. Then again, one can easily engage a contractor only by going though what its history of service says, and features it contains. Contacting several roofing contractors for the same job is a common phenomenon among most of the homeowners. And this is the only reason for them making a mistake in selecting the ‘true’ contractor or firm. Budget for the firm, necessary materials and the timeframe are also crucial– something one needs to be careful about as well. Hence, before opting a firm or contractor, one needs to thing all the relevant things in cold blood, since a bit hesitation or lack of knowledge or understanding will add to their woes, instead of helping get rid of their problem. Before engaging a contractor, a service-seeker needs to have some knowledge about the proposals, materials to be used, and budget as referred by a construction firm. It can be a wise option not to disclose how much a homeowner wants to spend to get the job done. A little research before approaching a contractor will greatly enlighten a person in need of such a service.

First things first, before a contractor can create a proposal, they’ll need a bit of information from you first:

Budget, Preferred Material, Timeframe

A metal roof, asphalt or even a ceramic tiled roof can be on the choice list. One can share one’s options or choices keeping in line with budget, with the contractor assigned. This can help get some feedbacks or suggestions from the contractor, on the projected costs and timeframe, easing the issues regarding finding a viable solution to the plans chalked out.

Timeframe is an important component for any job and in cases like roofing, it is even crucial.

Like any other job or service, a homeowner must have a certain timeframe when it comes to roofing. It is important not only because of weather and relevant issues, but also for a better interior construction. Having a final estimate prepared by a skilled and experienced contractor will also be of a great help. One can also discuss one’s financial capacity or budget for the roofing planned. If the contractor is aware of the information, he or she can help you get the job done exactly the way you want, without spending additional money.


A service-seeker must keep an eye on certain things in a proposal made for roofing; otherwise a poor or less skilled contractor will not focus on them, putting the work at risk. Even you can be forced to exceed your budget as well. And, an itemized list will let you know exactly what amount of money you are going to pay for each segment or aspect of roofing–ranging from labor to material costs. Such a list will disclose whether there are any hidden costs. Making a well assessed comparison with others will also get easier in presence of an itemized list. It will also help have a clear sense about which contractor will be the best to deal with your roofing issues.

Materials Used –The roofer should include exactly which roofing materials they plan on using, from the name of the manufacturer to the style of the shingle to the grade of the material. This will allow you to compare multiple proposals evenly, and give you a better idea of what type of quality to expect from each roofer.

Scheduling –A roofing proposal should also include a detailed schedule of when everything will happen. Most roofing jobs shouldn’t take that long, but they are inconvenient for those who live in the home, so it’s important to know exactly when roofers will be there, and how long it will take them to finish the job.

Explanation of Liabilities –A quality roofing proposal should include an explanation of any potential liabilities, and how the roofer’s insurance will cover those liabilities in the event of an accident. This is an important line in the proposal to look for, because it will tell you what insurance the roofer has. If they don’t have insurance, then you’re liable for any injury that occurs on your property, and it’s possible that your roof won’t be in compliance with local building code.

How Waste Will be Removed– Roofing is a messy job. There are nails and shingles flying everywhere; roof debris falling on your plants, landscaping, and lawn. It is very important part of the roofing job is getting rid of waste. Shingles Roof debris fall on plants, landscapes, and even on the lawns, leaving a stockpile of the wastes. So, while hiring a contractor, it has to be made sure that it cleans the waste before the roofing is completed.

Inappropriate Repair Methods

Many historic brownstone buildings in New York City have been repaired, restored, or remodeled at least once. In some cases, these old rehabilitations have become historic in their own right. Often they are a testament to the layering of history typical of old, urban centers. If your brownstone is in an historic district, you must check with your local landmarks board or commission before embarking on a restoration plan. Depending on the age and quality of the remodeling, it may be seen as significant feature. Many brownstone owners today need to address the failures of old repairs. Old patches often fade over time, resulting in a patchwork appearance to the building. Old stucco or cement may start to come loose, and some areas may blister and detach from the substrate. Sometimes, these failures occur as a result of natural aging, but sometimes they are caused by inappropriate repair methods or installation.

Explanation of warranty – Roofs often have multiple warranties. There’s the warranty on materials, and then there’s another warranty on the work the roofer and their crew completes. The proposal should outline the specifics of each warranty, and explain what is covered under each warranty. This helps to ensure you’re protected in the event that the shingles fail, or the work was not completed to expectation.

Additional Costs– If there are any additional costs associated with your roofing job—repairing sub roofing, installing flashing around the chimney, etc.—the proposal should also outline those. Most likely, any additional costs will come from existing issues in your roof that the roofer has to fix before they can comfortably put on a new roof.


Finding and engaging a licensed contractor is also something necessary since it will confirm that the very contractor or a construction company will pay compensation in case of any accident at the site of work. Hence, you will not have to take the extra burden of bearing the medical expenses of the injured.

Moreover, a licensed contractor will also earn you the clearance from the authorities concerned regarding quality roofing. A licensed will also have the insurance scheme for its crew, much to the relieve of a homeowner– in case of any unwarranted incident causing injuries or even deaths during work.

Among the additional costs related to roofing job are repairing sub-roofing and installing flashing around the chimney. These features can also be mentioned in the proposal, which makes it mandatory why a landlord should read out the proposal outline thoroughly

The exact roofing materials need to be named in the proposal which will help compare multiple proposals evenly, and get a better understanding on what type of quality a contractor is going to provide.

Specifying warranty in the proposal is also necessary, and a description of what fall under is also needed. In the case of payment, one has to reach an agreement as to how the charges will be paid. It can be both a one-time payment and installments.

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