Excelon Company Contractin LLC Repointing Construction
Tuckpointing is really an important procedure, to maintain the life of a brick wall.Excelon Company Contractin can inspect your building exterior to determine if and when tuckpointing may be necessary. it is crucial to proactively plan and budget for repointing down the road as part of a master plan. some of the benefits of performing needed for repointing on brick wall follows.

Tuckpointing is far more cost-effective than a complete tear-down and rebuild. The procedure allows you to avoid the expense of completely replacing the chimney structure.
The value of your home is improved when the masonry is in top condition
Structural stability of the chimney is restored. Failing to repair mortar joints will result in a weak chimney structure which will eventually begin to lean or collapse.
Your chimney’s masonry materials are restored to their original condition.
Corrosion of the mortar joints is stopped.
Tuckpointing helps to prevent water from entering into the chimney system. If the mortar joints are not repaired, water will seep down the chimney and sometimes between the chimney and the flue lining. Moisture can do a serious amount of unseen damage, such as cause mold, mildew, and rotting wood. Moisture can also cause the ceiling and wallpaper around the chimney to become stained.
Repointing is a way of using two contrasting colors of mortar in the mortar joints of brickwork, with one color matching the bricks themselves to give an artificial impression that very fine joints have been made. often mortar joints become damage due to harsh weather conditions, particularly excessive amounts of water moisture can even damage rock masonry, when water gets in due to weakened mortar joints. If you have chimney or a fireplace, you would probably know that you have a beautiful design feature which increase the value and appeal of your home and provides opportunities for enjoyable time by a cozy place.

Repointing Brick wall procedure:

Grounding or routing out the old mortar at a uniform depth.
Cutting thin strips down the middle of the red mortar, to form grooves.
Filling in red mortar in the newly routed grooves.
Filling in the grooves with a mortar color which matches the original mortar on the outside of the structure.

Repointing with Citypro Contracting will ensure reliable assessment and answer any and all of your questions about Brick repointing and venting systems and about tuckpointing and why it is or not needed for your brick wall.