Is your Waterproofing Your Basement? For the sake of your home and your health, it should be! Choosing to not hire one of the best Waterproofing Your Basement contractors to Waterproofing Your Basement can be a costly and dangerous choice. Here are six problems you may experience if you don’t get your basement waterproofed in your Brooklyn Dumbo home.

1. You Could Be Vulnerable to a Termite Infestation
Termites are attracted to moisture. When you allow water to build up in your basement or crawlspace, you are increasing the likelihood of experiencing a termite infestation. Once that problem starts, you will have to go through the costly process of hiring an exterminator. Termites will also cause even more damage over a several-year period. Those repairs can be extremely costly.

2. Mold and Mildew Will Grow Throughout Your Home
Moisture causes mold and mildew, and both of them can negatively impact your health. Mold can cause allergies, sickness, and breathing problems that can be long-lasting and serious. You may not even know that mold is in your basement until your health is already being impacted. You want your home to be a safe, healthy place for your family. Protect your family from mold and mildew by getting your basement waterproofed.

3. Moisture Causes Electrical Hazards
Even a small amount of moisture is putting you at risk for experiencing hazardous electrical problems. Your power sockets, wiring, and any items you have running off of electricity in your basement could all be damaged due to moisture, leading to costly repairs. Even worse, they increase the risk of someone getting shocked and injured.

4. You’ll Start to Smell Musty Odors in Your House
Water can also cause those unpleasant musty odors in your basement and throughout your home. Once you start smelling the musty smell, it’s hard to fix the problem. You might get used to the scent, but it can be embarrassing to have guests over who are uncomfortable with the musty smell. Even strong air fresheners won’t help you eliminate those odors. When you waterproof your basement, you’re doing your nose (and your guests’ noses!) a big favor.

5. A Damp Basement Causes Metal to Rust
As we all know, when water makes contact with metal, the metal rusts. These can be dangerous for your heating and cooling system and your furnace. If any of your metal appliances like your washer and dryer rust, their longevity will decrease. And no one wants to replace an appliance or a heating/cooling system before its lifespan is up — it’s inconvenient and expensive!

6. Moisture Causes Wall Damage, Structural Problems, and Other Major Issues
Water is heavier than you think it is. The bigger the rainfall, the more strain there is on the walls of your home. The walls in your basement may crack or bow, which be dangerous and compromises the structural integrity of your home. These are not easy fixes! Cracks also cause air conditioning and heating to escape from your home. You’ll end up spending thousands more on your energy bills when your home is cracked.

Don’t let any of these things happen to you. You can mitigate all of these risks (and others) by hiring a waterproofing contractor like Excelon Construction Company.We are one of the best waterproofing contractors in Brooklyn Dumbo and the surrounding neighborhoods with decades of experience to our name. Get a quote by calling us today!