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Downtown Brooklyn Brownstone Stoop Restoration

52 Cumberland St, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Once the damaged surface was chipped away, Excelon Construction would have proceeded with applying a sealer coat. A sealer coat is a protective layer that is applied to the surface to help prevent water damage and provide a strong base for the repair material to adhere to. This is an important step in the restoration process, as it ensures that the repair work will be effective and long-lasting.

After the sealer coat was applied, Excelon Construction would have proceeded with applying a masonry scratch coat. This layer is applied to create a rough surface that will allow the final coat to adhere properly. Once the scratch coat had been applied, the final masonry coat was applied. This layer is typically smoothed out to create a uniform and attractive surface.

Finally, Excelon Construction would have applied two coats of paint to the surface. This not only gives the surface a visually appealing finish but also helps to protect it from water damage, which can be a common problem for exterior surfaces.

Overall, the restoration process involves several important steps, each of which must be carried out with care and precision in order to ensure a high-quality result. By using quality materials and experienced tradespeople, builders can ensure that their restoration projects are long-lasting, effective, and visually appealing.

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    52 Cumberland St, Brooklyn, NY 11205
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Downtown Brooklyn Brownstone Stoop Restoration

Downtown Brooklyn Brownstone Stoop masonry  Restoration Complete step has been restored. We chipped the damaged surface up to 2/3 inches. We applied Salary coat following by masonry scratch coat . At last we applied final masonry coat Followed by 2 coat paint.

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