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Downtown Brooklyn Retaining Wall Concrete Restoration Work

52 Cumberland St, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Before building the retaining wall, Excelon Construction would have likely removed any debris or vegetation from the area where the wall was to be constructed. This is an important step to ensure that the foundation of the wall is stable and secure.

Next, Excelon Construction would have built a base for the wall by pouring a concrete footing that is typically 2 feet deep. The concrete footing provides a stable base for the retaining wall and helps to distribute the weight of the wall more evenly.

Once the concrete footing was in place, Excelon Construction would have proceeded with the construction of the retaining wall itself. This would typically involve the installation of concrete blocks, which are stacked one on top of the other to create the wall. In this case, Excelon Construction also applied different sizes of stone to the surface of the wall, which can create a more aesthetically pleasing and unique appearance.

The use of different sizes of stone can also provide additional strength and durability to the wall, making it better able to withstand the forces of gravity and soil pressure. Overall, building a retaining wall requires careful planning, precise construction techniques, and high-quality materials. By working with an experienced builder like Excelon Construction, property owners can ensure that their retaining walls are built to last and perform well over the long term.

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    52 Cumberland St, Brooklyn, NY 11205
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Excelon Construction brownstone repair & restoration Downtown Brooklyn

Concrete Downtown Brooklyn Retaining Wall Concrete Restoration Work The Brownstone Contractor Brooklyn in NY. Brownstone Facade Repair, Brick work, stucco, waterproofing and weatherproofing Brooklyn NYC.

52 Cumberland St, Brooklyn, NY 11205

We installed a retaining wall after removing the debris. We made 2 feet base with concrete then applied block . For giving a different look and strong and longevity , we applied different sizes of stone.

Planning Of This Project

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